What was hot in November …


Nearly 90 stories were submitted to RationalWiki What is Going on in the World? in November. From the good, to the bad, from the ugly to the downright terrifying, here is a breakdown of the top 10 by those ever-present votes (see, we use them for something!) 10. Are there really 100,000 new Christian martyrs every Read more ›


The Futility of Anecdotal Evidence


In the 19th century, the French doctor Pierre Charles Alexandre Louis invented the “numerical method”, a way of statistically analyzing the effects of medical treatments. It was the precursor to modern clinical trials. Louis applied this method to a certain therapy in use at the time, and found that the therapy, contrary to traditional wisdom, did not actually help. Read more ›

With apologies to commenters


A quick meta-post about the blog. As may be clear from some previous posts, the usual blog Administrator of Doom is currently away and shielded behind a large brick wall of No Internet – or, when possible, a laptop tethered to a mobile phone, which is only a few beeps and buzzes away from being Read more ›