Anunnaki, Reptilians and Vulturites, oh my: Amitakh Stanford.

Amitakh Stanford (formerly Amitakh Chiappalone) channels the truth about how the universe works from her UFO contacts. She believes that Inner Earth exists, two races of Anunnaki aliens are at war for total domination of Earth, the sun is a cube and Darkness has created this entire universe as a giant illusion.

Joseph Chiappalone and Amitakh
Joseph Chiappalone and Amitakh in happier times.

The biography in her 1989 book New Information On The Centres of Consciousness lists her as holder of B.A., B. Ed., Grad. Dip. Sp. Ed., M. Litt., Grad. Dip. (Psych.), and Doctor of Metaphysical Science. She claims to have been a clinical hypnotherapist and a pastoral “councillor” before taking up metaphysics full-time.

She was married until around 2000 to Joseph Chiappalone, a “gnostic and seer” who is at least as batshit crazy. He published their works through his vanity press, Annwn Publications. After she left him she married Steffan Stanford, a frequent contributor to her site Xee-A-Twelve. Though she claims Joseph beat her, stalked her and tried to poison her dog, Amitakh and Steffan actually live on the property next door to Joseph, who claimed for a long while to be a great fan of both of them. Far North Queensland’s like that.

Her most noteworthy website is Xee-A-Twelve, formerly a magazine called Xee-A. Her new website, Flying Buffaloes 7 (on which she also claims a Ph. D), continues her revelations concerning the aliens, interspersed with current and past politics. The important information therein, in a series of articles by herself and other researchers, covers the divine secrets of everything on Earth and everything in the Universe. And how aliens tried to steal her dog.

For many reasons, it became obvious to me that the craft had come to abduct Tronto, our Rottweiler. In full battle mode, I stood by Tronto’s gate and surrounded him with a protective light, and mentally warned the occupants of the craft that they could not have him or any of our pets. I also telepathically called for assistance from our side, and expected a response from a rescue craft. At this point, the lights from the invading craft suddenly went out — the menacing craft was gone.

Amitakh extends the primitive Ickean understanding of Reptilian theory with important details on their competitors, the Vulturites (found in no previous conspiracy theorist’s works). Apparently there are also Nephilim in there. The Reptilians and Vulturites battle for Earth, even using soccer as a proxy battle. It is not clear which are the bad guys and which are the worse guys. The aliens are censoring the Internet. Breast implants are also the work of the Anunnaki.

The Vulturites were helpless as the Reptilian-assisted Australian team slammed in goal after goal after goal within the final six minutes and soared to a stunning, come-from-behind victory.

Geometry is evil and the work of Darkness. Every geometric figure is an illusion created by Darkness to force us to worship him. All geometric figures contain the keys to solving the mysteries of life, which is why Darkness made them so confusing.

Some argue that the Sun is spherical, but, like all stars, it is actually a cube. (Earth is an icosahedron.) It only appears spherical because it spins so fast.

Matter is another geometric illusion. All particles in the universe have smaller particles within them that are capable of thinking. Spinning triangles and cubes shield the thinking particle from harm or danger. Every particle in the universe is terrified of its death and begs for immortality.

Oh, and negative numbers are evil. But numbers 1 to 12 were freed from the darkness in late 2005.

Would anyone like a dustpan to collect these negative numbers and dispose of them properly? Worry not; it is being done at this time as the entire physical realm is crumbling under Our Divine Mother’s Plan, and as the putrid realm crumbles, its impure and filthy mathematics will be swept into a proper receptacle along with it.

Amitakh is no mere lone voice in the wilderness; she has actual followers on such bastions of lucid thought as Godlike Productions. However, has grave doubts about Amitakh’s reliability. They have ascertained that she is in fact an Illuminati psy-op, and are shocked at the idea that Amitakh Stanford and Amitakh Chiappalone might be the same person.

If Amitakh and Dr. Chippalone have their way you will all be destroyed, along with the Earth and the Physical universe as a whole! We have a theme going here, yes?

This is, of course, because Educate-yourself has been programmed by the Anunnaki, who do not want you to know that they exist.

Adapted from Amitakh Stanford on Reproducible under Creative Commons by-sa 3.0.

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