Mike Adams’ NaturalNews: the Daily Mail of alternative medicine.

NaturalNews (formerly Newstarget) is a website run by Mike “HealthRanger” Adams. The site promotes every form of medical woo imaginable, though it specializes in vaccine denial, AIDS denialism, quack cancer medicine and conspiracy theories about modern medicine. Even other quacks think it’s a quack site.

In general, if you cite NaturalNews on any matter whatsoever, you are almost certainly wrong. If your friends cite it, please direct them here.

Adams is a flat-out opponent of modern medicine and opposes any medication or doctor visits. Adams calls himself a “holistic nutritionist” and is a raw food proponent who opposes food containing sugar, food that was cooked or made to last, “red” meat, sweeteners, glutamate, homogenized milk, bread, white flour, washing powder, deodorants, shampoo and fluoridation.

A recurring theme is the contrast between the site’s relentless criticism of evidence-based medicine and its unquestioning acceptance of the naturalistic fallacy, New Age and alternative medicine. This often involves rejection of the scientific method’s application to medicine as “inherently flawed“, repudiating the entire philosophy of modern medicine post-Pasteur. Adams is a firm germ theory denialist. Adams also conflates evidence-based medicine in general, the failings of Big Pharma and the US health insurance system: to him, it’s all a monolithic entity called “mainstream medicine”. The site blames the pharmaceutical industry for all vaguely drug-linked celebrity deaths rather than looking at any surrounding factors.

The response to any alternative medicine claim is blind acceptance, whether the topic at hand is homeopathy, chiropractic, alternative dentistry, aspartame scares, vitamin woo, antivaccination panic, detox diets or AIDS denial.

NaturalNews also features many Big Pharma conspiracy theories. There is no depth Big Pharma will not sink to, no lie too big for them to tell, in order to poison American citizens and cover up their “junk science“. Adams claims that the “pharmaceutical industry” is creating HIV vaccines with the sole purpose of creating as many “HIV positive people” as possible to sell anti-retroviral drugs to at a huge profit. Mammographic screening creates cancer, which is then expensively treated for big profit. Chemotherapy warrants criminal prosecution.

There’s also usually a front page article about how some loophole in an obscure new law or regulation will enable alternative medicine or natural supplements to be banned forever!

More recent conspiracy theories claim that Bill Gates and Microsoft are in the process of developing weaponized, ethnically-targeted influenza viruses as part of a sinister eugenics plot. Adams also manages to misinterpret attempts to develop reversible forms of male contraceptives as deliberate attempts to permanently sterilize minorities.

Adams branches out into areas of alternative science other than medicine. Cold fusion and so-called free energy ideas and devices like the Energy Catalyzer are presented with the same enthusiasm as the latest alternative medicine fad. He collects news about chemtrails. He is a 9/11 truther, a birther and a Sandy Hook massacre denialist. He considers Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and David IckeREAL heroes“. He considers David Icke and whale.to reliable sources. Naturally, he supports Ron Paul and “health freedom“, despite simultaneously supporting US health care reform and Cuba’s health care system.

He thinks Scientology (of which he is an ex-member) is treated unfairly. According to Adams, this is due to attempts by anti-religious bigots and (you guessed it) Big Pharma to oppress their belief system in order to protect their profits.

He has also issued his informed opinion of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado “Batman” shootings, declaring that they were “obviously” staged, or perhaps that the killer, James Holmes, was involved in “experimental” neuroscience that got out of hand.

Also, “conventional physics” is a conspiracy of the same sort as conventional medicine.

NaturalNews Delusions of Tyrants
Because regulating products that claim to be for health is JUST LIKE killing millions of people in death camps. Here’s the tl;dr.

One of the more ridiculous features of NaturalNews is the cartoons by Mike Adams, which are even less entertaining than Mallard Fillmore or The Far Left Side. They are usually followed by paragraph after paragraph of the author explaining the point of the cartoon.

More ridiculous still is the NaturalNews music section, where he posts videos and songs about the alternative quackery of the day. Most of it is cheap-sounding hiphop injected with Mike’s screeds about how terrible vaccines and anti-depressants are. Just like his cartoons, his hiphop postings are also followed by paragraphs of explanation for those who didn’t care to listen to the actual song.

And then there’s the poetry.

Adapted from NaturalNews on RationalWiki.org. Reproducible under Creative Commons by-sa 3.0.

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  1. ” Naturally, he follows Ron Paul?” I hardly think ats a sign of quackery. Maybe keep it to science and not politics.

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